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SWITCH services

SWITCH provides different services to Swiss universities. The applications below are available for every member of the UNIL community with a UNIL account.


SWITCHfilesender allows you to send large files up to 50 GB by e-mail. Files sent through SWITCHfilesender are available to the e-mail recipient for a maximum of 20 days. This service can be used to send (or receive by sending a voucher) files up to 100 e-mail recipients, UNIL or not or to a FBM Mailing list (please log in).



SWITCHdrive is an academic alternative to commercial cloud storage services like DropBox or Google Drive. Every user has a quota of 100 GB to store, synchronize and work on files at any time and from anywhere. You can share files or folders with other SWITCHdrive or external users. SWITCHdrive is available from a web browser or from the client application (Mac or Windows). Data on SWITCHdrive are stored in Switzerland, that makes this service consistent with UNIL's legal requirements of research data management. Nevertheless, in case of sensitive data, we recommend you to encrypt this data before you upload it on the service.

CHUV employees: The SWITCHdrive service is not available to CHUV users. If you need cloud storage service, please first contact service.desk@chuv.ch.



SWITCHinteract is based on Adobe Connect web conference tool and allows you to create a “virtual” working room to work as a team on a project or on documents. This service includes screen sharing, files sharing, chat and interactive whiteboard functions. You can use SWITCHinteract from a web browser and the meeting is managed by discussion's moderator who gives the floor to participants and managed the discussion.



SWITCHcast allows you to create edit and manage video and audio content online for educational purposes. This service is used by the Pedagogy unit for medicine courses.

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