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Backup and cloud storage

Every professional data must be saved on the space storage or server NAS. This infrastructure ensure the sustainability and the security of your data. Data stored on your local drive is not backed up.


Comet Backup is an application provided by UNIL's IT Center with which it is possible to back up users' computer session. This software allows users to choose the documents to back up and to restore files in case of problems, without the help of a local IT manager. This service is available for every UNIL employee with a UNIL contract (PAT and academic). To install Comet Backup on your computer, please contact the FBM IT Support.
For more information about Comet Backup, please refer to the following documentations:


Cloud storage


Thanks to UNIL's Office 365 subscription, each employee has one TB of storage space on OneDrive. Encrypted with the UNIL IT Centre's own encryption keys, the data is hosted in the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland. In addition, the Office Online suite allows Word, Excel and PowerPoint files hosted on OneDrive to be edited online and shared with people inside and outside UNIL.

Please note that it is forbidden to use OneDrive to store research data.



If you have any question about research data management at the FBM, please refer to:

Service Informatique FBM - Rue du Bugnon 21 - CH-1011 Lausanne - Tél. +41 21 692 50 94