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Software catalogue

Software distributed by UNIL's IT Center (Ci) is available for every UNIL employee (with a UNIL contract). Delivered in its latest version defined as stable by the Ci, this software can be installed on all FBM equipment1).


Basic software and utilities are installed by default on every FBM equipment. For the installation of additional software for business purposes, please contact the FBM IT support.

Software offered by UNIL

Free or paid sofware, distributed by the UNIL IT Center and financed, where applicable, by the budget units.

FBM software

FBM software is software provided or ordered by the FBM IT Service, and which, where appropriate, must be purchased by budgetary units.

Name Editor OS Description Information
SnapGene viewer SnapGene Win/Mac Molecular biology (free)
GraphPad Prism GraphPad Win/Mac Statistical analysis (paid) FBM documentation
LimeSurvey LimeSurvey Win/Mac Online survey (free) FBM documentation
BioRender BioRender Win/Mac Online scientifics figures library (paid) FBM documentation

SWITCH applications

SWITCH applications are IT services provided by SWITCH to the swiss academic community. The use of those services is free for all people with a UNIL or CHUV account.

Name Editor OS Description Information
SWITCHfilesender SWITCH Win/Mac Send large file by e-mail FBM documentation

Free software

Free software is software distributed under terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose, and sometimes without a financial contribution. Most of the free software the most commonly used are installed by default on every FBM equipment.

You can go to alternativeTo.net to find equivalent software, free or paying, to commercial products.

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