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Purchases of IT equipment and repairs

Professional purchases

Each IT order (software or hardware, including scientific setups), whatever the UNIL source of funding must be approved by the FBM IT Service (Si) before being completed. If you want to buy a new IT equipment (hardware or software) , please send us your request by mail to supportfbm@unil.ch, specifying your needs (model, configuration, use, etc.) or contact the local IT manager of your department. We handle the entire buying process, from the order to the delivery of the IT equipment installed as FBM standard at your workplace.

You will find more information on the website of the of the IT Centre's Central Purchasing Office (restricted access).

Use of private computer

In the exceptional case where you would not have access to a UNIL computer, it is possible to add your personal computer to the UNIL's inventory. To do so, please contact the FBM IT Service. Nevertheless, this initiative must be approved by the Director of the department, before being considered by the FBM IT service.

Loan of a screen for teleworking

According to the internal directive 1.40 on flexible and mobile forms of working at UNIL, a screen can be provided to employees which are teleworking. Information and equipment loans are managed by the IT Centre's Central Purchasing Office.

Private purchases

The University offers its community the possibility to receive discounts when purchasing private equipment (laptops) as well as software: List of discounts for private IT purchases (fr)

The Neptun program offers twice a year enables a reduction of 16 to 18% on every purchase. Whereas the Poseidondiscounts are available the entire year and offer a 12 to 13% discount (Poseidon discounts are not available when the Neptun discounts are open). Private purchases are not supported by the FBM IT Support, nevertheless we will gladly help you choose a product.

For more information, please refer to the documentation of UNIL's IT Center (Ci).


In case of hardware problem (UNIL computers only) or if a hardware change is necessary, the FBM IT Support will pick up your computer and send it for repair to the partner technicians (Darest and ART Computer). Please note that repair time may be extended due to administrative procedures (form and quotation), the nature of the problem or the availability of technicians.

FBM IT support provides you with a ready computer during the repair time. To find out what loan equipment is available and how to apply for a loan, please consult our loan catalogue.

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