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Before you leave

You are going to leave the FBM? Your contract will expire soon?
Here is some information about what will happen to your IT access and your data after you left :

IT access

Your access to the UNIL and FBM computing resources (applications, websites, NAS server, Wifi, etc.) will automatically be blocked after the end of your contract. Nevertheless, on written justification provided by your line manager, it is possible to extend the validity of your access. For this, please contact the FBM IT support (50 94 or supportfbm@unil.ch) and specify which access you want to keep and until when.

UNIL mailbox

Your mailbox remains open during 6 months after the end of your contract. We recommend that you activate the automatic responder in order to inform others about your departure. If you want to close it immediately, please contact the FBM IT support (50 94 or supportfbm@unil.ch) which will forward your request to the IT Center of UNIL.

Management of your data

Please organize your information. Make sure you have transferred all your professional data from your work computer to an appropriate shared folder of the folder trees available to you on UNIL institutional storage infrastructures. After your departure, according to our charter (Art. 6.6.5 Storage and confidentiality), your computer will be reinstalled and all unsorted data left in any nominal folder on the institutional storage infrastructures will be deleted within 30 days.

If you were a SWITCHdrive user, please note that your access will also be closed 6 months after you left. You will be able to continue to read the data you have downloaded locally on your private computer but it will no longer be possible to synchronize and to share them.


If you have any questions or if you need help with this process, feel free to contact the FBM IT Service. You will find more information about what will happen to your UNIL account when you leave (closing and blocking (fr)) on the website of the IT Center of UNIL.

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