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How to get GraphPad Prism


Name GraphPad Prism
Editor GraphPad
Type Scientific
System Windows (>= XP)/OSX (>10.6)
Price about 65.- per computer and per year
Validity One year (from May 1st to April 30th of the following year)


GraphPad Prism is a scientific software of graphic and statistics available at reduced price to the FBM community. The GraphPad Prism license is shared with CHUV.

GraphPad Prism licenses are transferable and are renewed every year at the beginning of May.


At the end of the validity period, all the licenses activated are invoiced to the departments, which can re-invoice the research groups when appropriate (UNIL fund only).

Who can get GraphPad Prism ?

GraphPad Prism is available for every employee with a UNIL contract of the following SSF departments: CIG, DB, DBMV, DBC, DSB, DNF, DMF and DOF. The software can be installed on every computer added to the UNIL inventory. This doesn't include the private computer not added to the UNIL inventory.

How can I get GraphPad Prism ?

Prerequisite: the authorization of the financial manager of your research group (usually your group leader) is mandatory.

In February, a survey is sent to the PI of the FBM in order that they can indicate the number of licences they need for their laboratory for the announced period. Once ordered by the FBM IT Service, the software is then installed on the computers that have been listed in the survey by the laboratory managers.

If you want to use GraphPad Prism but your computer was not in the list announced through the survey, please contact the FBM IT support.

How can I install/activate GraphPad Prism on my computer ?

To install or update GraphPad Prism on your computer, please contact the FBM IT support.

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