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Remote support - RealVNC

When the FBM IT cannot come at your office, it uses VNC Connect to troubleshoot you remotely. This service is available for all configurations (Windows, OSX, Linux) and allows your IT manager to see your screen, send you documents, chat with you and take remote control of your computer.

Opening a Real VNC session is requiring access codes valid for a single intervention and can be done only in your presence and with your agreement.

How to start a RealVNC session

  • At the request of your IT manager, go to realvnc.help and download the temporary troubleshooting application (RealVNC) if it is not already installed on your computer.
  • Start RealVNC and et enter the 9-digit session code dictated to you by your IT manager.
  • Accept privacy notices.
  • Your IT manager will then be able to access your computer to help you.

How to close a RealVNC session

  • The RealVNC session automatically ends if you click on End session or if your IT manager close the application.

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