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Connect to the NAS (Windows)


Namr Version
System Windows >= XP

How to connect to the NAS (nas.unil.ch) with Windows. This process will allow you to visualize your files on the UNIL's server in your Windows Explorer.

Following thie documentation, you will be able to connect to all storage servers available at UNIL:

  • Central NAS server for administrative data: \\nas.unil.ch\FBM\
  • DCSR NAS server for research data: \\nasdcsr.unil.ch\RECHERCHE
  • DCSR NAS server for sensitive research data: \\nasdcsr.unil.ch\RECHERCHE-S
  • DCSR NAS server for personal research data: \\nasdcsr.unil.ch\RECHERCHE-P

Mac user? Please check our documentation: OSX documentation

How to connect

Prerequisite : you should work on the UNIL network or you should use the VPN to connect to the storage servers.

  • Right click on “This PC” (Windows 10)1).
  • Select “Map network drive…”.
  • In the new window:
    • Enter the adress of the server you want to connect to (see the yellow box above). For example: \\nasdcsr.unil.ch\RECHERCHE.
    • Uncheck Reconnect at logon if the connexion to the server is only temporary.
    • Check Connect using different credentials
    • Click on Finish.
  • In the windows security window:
    • Enter “ad\” + “UNIL username” (for ex: “ad\qbuache”).
    • Enter your UNIL password
    • Click on “OK
  • Click on “OK” and then “Finish”.
  • Open “This PC” (Windows 10)2) and click on the new mounted network drive:

Create a shorcut

  • Right click on a folder and choose “Create shortcut”. The picture below shows how to create a shortcut on the desktop to the “DEC” folder.
1) , 2)
“My Computer” on Windows 7 or “My Workplace” on Windows XP

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