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Microsoft Teams


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System Windows/OSX
Application Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication software for work teams. Accessible from the Google Chrome browser or from the local client version installed on the computer, its main features are :

  • one-on-one and group chat
  • organization of virtual meetings
  • Participation in virtual meetings
  • one-on-one or group calls
  • screen sharing

Presentation of Teams in video


How to get an account

All collaborators with an UNIL contract and with a UNIL account have access to Microsoft Teams. No other registration is necessary.

For external persons (e.g. CHUV contract), please contact the FBM IT support (supportfbm@unil.ch or 50 94) in order to obtain the appropriate authorizations.

Installation and access to Microsoft Teams

It is not necessary to be on the UNIL network (wired or connected through the VPN if you are working from oustide of UNIL) to use Microsoft Teams. Only an stable internet connection is required

On your computer

Can you use Microsoft Teams in two ways:

On your smartphone

Get Microsoft Teams on your smartphone by dowloading it from the Apple/Play Store or from the link below. Then login in with your UNIL email address which will redirect you to the UNIL Office 365 login portal. ☛ Installer Microsoft Teams sur smartphone


To get the most out of Microsoft Teams, take the time to configure the settings:

Documentation of use

So that you can immediately start using Microsoft Teams, the general Teams and Channels have been created by the FBM IT Service for each work unit. To create new channels, please contact FBM IT Support (supportfbm@unil.ch or 50 94).

Teams status

On Microsoft Teams, you can set a status to indicate to your colleagues if you are available or unavailable (e.g. busy, absent, in communication, etc.) for a discussion. ☛ Change your status in Teams


To discuss with colleagues, you can use the chat. This feature allows you:

Create and format a post in video

Organization of meetings and screen sharing

The online meetings are organized by on person of the team. When you start the meeting, you can also invite external people (other UNIL persons or CHUV person for example) to join the meeting. ☛ Meeting organization

Starting a meeting in Teams in video

During the meeting, you can continue to use the chat and share your screen if necessary: ☛ Share content in a meeting in Teams

Joining a meeting

If you have Microsoft Teams client installed on your computer, you can join programmed or instant meeting directly in Teams. External people or people who don't have Teams installed on the computer can join the meeting with the web version of Microsoft Teams by using the Google Chrome web browser. ☛ Joining a meeting

Join a meeting in Teams in video

Make audio or video calls

To communicate orally, use the call Teams feature. You can call one or more people at a time and choose whether you want to activate the video or only the audio. For external people or people who do not have the Microsoft Teams client application installed on the computer, it is possible to call or answer a call via the web using the Google Chrome browser. ☛ Start a call from a chat in Teams and ☛ Answer a call in Teams

Make calls in Teams in video

Create a channel

Channels allow to organize discussions within a team for a unit or about a project/theme. They can be public (accessible to the whole team) or limited to a few members (private channels). ☛ Create a channel in Teams

Create and use private channels in video

Add new members in a Team or Private Channel and make someone a new owner

It is necessary to be the owner of the Team or Private channel concerned

Team or Private Channel owners manage access to their team or private channel by managing the list of members. ☛ Add a member to a Team

They can also appoint new Team or Private Channel owners to assist them in this task..☛ Make someone a team owner

Go-to guide for Team in video

Help and documentation

In case of problems when using Microsoft Teams, please contact FBM IT support (supportfbm@unil.ch or 50 94).

For an advanced use of Microsoft Teams, you can also consult the documentation of the UNIL IT Center (Ci) and the official documentation of Microsoft:

Service Informatique FBM - Rue du Bugnon 21 - CH-1011 Lausanne - Tél. +41 21 692 50 94