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How to display a CHUV mailbox in Outlook on a UNIL Computer


Nom Version
System Windows/Mac
Application Outlook >=2016


How to access a CHUV mailbox on a UNIL computer with Outlook.

“Outlook Anywhere” allows you to access your CHUV mailbox, calendar and contacts from a UNIL Computer without VPN.

Prerequisites :

  • Working with Outlook
  • Contacting the Service Desk of CHUV (service.desk@chuv.ch or tel. 021 314 61 22) in order to activate this possibility.


  • Open Outlook, go to File, Informations, click on Account setting then on Account setting again.
  • A new window opens, click on New to add an account.
  • Enter the informations as follows:
    • Name: name of the CHUV mailbox
    • Address: your CHUV address
    • Password: your CHUV password
  • Click on Next.
  • A new window opens. Add a new connection with the following informations:
    • Username : intranet\username CHUV
    • Password : CHUV password
  • Once the configuration is completed, a message appears requesting you to restart Outlook. Click on OK then on Finish.
  • Close Outlook and restart the software.
  • The CHUV account appears in the list of the available accounts.


  • Open Outlook, go to Tools and click on Accounts.
  • In the new window, click on + in ordrer to add a new account and choose Exchange….
  • Enter the following informations:
    • Address : your CHUV address
    • Method : Username and password
    • Username : intranet\username CHUV
    • Password : your CHUV password
  • Click on Add an account.
  • You can change the account description.
  • In Outlook, the CHUV account appears in the list of the available accounts.

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