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Services by type of equipment

This table is a summary of the services provided by type of equipment, according to the IT Charter of the Faculty of biology and medicine (FBM).

Private Equipment
IT Charter 4.1a, 6.1
UNIL Equipment
IT Charter 4.1b, 5.3.2, 6.2
FBM Equipement
IT Charte 4.1c, 6.3
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Agreement department director
  • Stay at the FBM: > 6 months
  • UNIL criteria
  • Purchase via FBM IT Service
  • FBM standard configuration
Administrative rights No. Exception according to 6.3.5:
  • Joint Agreement between FBM IT Service, Department Director, supervisor
  • Software requiring admin rights
  • Non-standard equipment
  • IT manager in the unit
FBM services
(NAS, printing. etc.)
UNIL/FBM software
(CometBackup, Microsoft Office, GraphPad Prism, etc.)
Support / Assistance
  • No time guarantee
  • Support FBM "best effort" for UNIL/FBM services and software
  • Breakdown report
  • Response time < 3 days
  • Help with UNIL / FBM software
  • Loan service (if loan equipment available)

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