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Membership and support agreement

IT is a complex cross-cutting rapidly evolving field which has a direct influence on the fulfillment of the objectives of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM), which affects most activities. To control its global dimension, it appears necessary to strengthen the collaboration between the different departments.

Pooling of resources, exchange of information, sharing of knowledge and standardization of procedures are a way to join forces and to work more effectively in order to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and diverse users.

The IT Management Plan of the FBM (PFBM) is based on the policy of the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and the Centre Hospitalier et Universitaire Vaudois (CHUV) and complements existing services and core IT services. It offers users the FBM specific and complementary services. The IT Management Plan comprises transverse IT projects and a set of documents, basic principles and rules to guide policy and the IT organization of the FBM.


  1. Deanship of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (hereinafter FBM Deanship)
  2. FBM Department (hereinafter Department)
  3. FBM IT Service (hereinafter IT Service)


The Membership and support agreement (hereinafter Agreement) regulate the duties and responsibilities between the IT Service and units of the Faculty (Departments / Services / Institutes) benefiting from its services. With this document, the parts adhere to the IT Management Plan of the FBM, recognize its operating principles, support its development and contribute to its implementation.

1. Principles

  1. The Deanship is responsible for :
    1. validating the general IT policy proposed by the IT Service;
    2. validating the cross-cutting projects proposed by the IT Service.
  2. The Head of the Department is responsible for:
    1. validating the IT organization and the projects proposed by the IT Service affecting the Department;
    2. validating the commitment of resources (HR, hardware and software) proposed by the IT Service and dedicated to IT of the Department;
    3. defining the IT needs of the Department (HR, hardware and software) in collaboration with the IT Service;
    4. validating the rules and directives regarding IT of the Department.
  3. The IT Service is responsible for:
    1. proposing the general IT organization (directives, goals, mission, budget);
    2. implementing and enforcing directives and rules of the Faculty and UNIL regarding IT;
    3. managing the IT staff of the Faculty (recruitment, work description, work plan, annual assessment, absence management, etc.);
    4. being the main point of contact for issues and projects related to IT;
    5. managing communication related to IT.
  4. All parts are committed to:
    1. promoting common solutions for all units benefiting from the services of the IT Service;
    2. respecting the principles set out this agreement, the regulations and other documents of the IT Platform of the FBM in addition to UNIL rules regarding this domain.

2. Services

The IT Service is committed to providing following services to the Department:

  1. Support:
    1. installation and troubleshooting of IT equipment;
    2. technical advice regarding professional activities of the staff of the Department;
    3. help and occasional training on software provided by UNIL or FBM;
    4. purchase of hardware and software;
    5. documentation related to IT support (manual, etc.).
  2. Infrastructure:
    1. provision of a secure, available and accessible central storage space to accommodate the professional data of the Department;
    2. management and inventory of the IT equipment (printers, computers, etc.) of the Department;
    3. administration and management of the common FBM infrastructure (servers, inverters, etc.);
    4. documentation related to infrastructure management.
  3. Applications:
    1. software development and engineering;
    2. documentation related to applications.
  4. Cross-cutting activities:
    1. project management;
    2. management and technical advice for institutional communication tools (UNIL’s CMS);
    3. various kinds of technical expertise (multimedia, videoconference, etc.);
    4. people management (HR, internal training, etc.) ;
    5. administrative management (user management, access management, etc.) ;
    6. evaluation and activity report of the IT in the Department;
    7. documentation and directives related to the IT Management Plan of the FBM.

3. Final dispositions

  1. From the date of signature of this Agreement, a migration plan and a transitional period (maximum two years) shall be established between the Department and the IT Service. The latter ensure compliance with the IT Management Plan of the FBM, including:
    1. migration of local servers to the central infrastructure,
    2. update of the IT equipment,
    3. update of the documentation and inventory,
    4. update of the work description of the local IT manager.
  2. The IT Service carry out regular and usually in October, a satisfaction survey inviting all members of the Department to assess the quality and the overall satisfaction with the IT. Results are communicated publicly and published on the website of the IT Service. This assessment is to serve as the basis of annual discussions between the IT Service and the Department and may lead to extensions of this agreement.
  3. Any modification of this agreement shall be in writing form and must be approved by all parties.

4. Appendix

Appendix I: FBM IT Charter

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