Adhuresa Ramosaj
Research intern

Adhuresa completed her B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry at the University of Fribourg. Her thesis was dedicated to the analysis of the extracellular protein secretion in human cancer cells by mass spectrometry in the lab of Jörn Dengjel.
She then pursued a Master’s in Molecular Life Sciences with a specialization in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Bern. She investigated MCT8 deficiency using iPSCs, under the supervision of Jean-Marc Nuoffer and Alexander Lämmle.
She has now joined the Nikoletopoulou lab as a research intern to establish a protocol to differentiate iPSCs into excitatory neurons to further study the regulation of neuronal autophagy.

Adhuresa Ramosaj
Research group of Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou

DNF, rue du Bugnon 9 - 1005 Lausanne – Switzerland
T : +41 (0)21 692 51 30

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