Laurine Gonzalez
Post-doctoral fellow

After her master’s degree obtained in 2018 from Paris-Saclay University (France), Laurine did her PhD at Paris-Saclay Institute of Neurosciences (Neuro-PSI UMR CNRS 9197, Saclay, France). She worked with Dr. Roseline Poirier and Dr. Cyrille Vaillend, on the brain and cognitive development in a mouse model of Coffin-Lowry syndrome associated with intellectual disability during postnatal period. After her defense, she worked one year in 2022-2023 with Dr. Alexis Faure and Dr. Sylvie Granon at Neuro-PSI (UMR CNRS 9197, Saclay, France) on the role of new peptide AETA in prefrontal cortex and social behaviors. Today, she joins Paola Bezzi’s lab as a postdoc, and she will work on the investigations of postnatal development of astrocytes in neurodevelopmental disorders.

Laurine Gonzalez
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