• 2021, April 13th

    Zehnder T, Petrelli F, Romanos J, De Oliveira Figueiredo EC, Lewis TL Jr, Déglon N, Polleux F, Santello M, Bezzi P.

    Mitochondrial biogenesis in developing astrocytes regulates astrocyte maturation and synapse formation

    Cell Reports

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  • 2018, August 20th

    Petrelli F, Dallérac G, Pucci L, Calì C, Zehnder T, Sultan S, Lecca S, Chicca A, Ivanov A, Asensio CS, Gundersen V, Toni N, Knott GW, Magara F, Gertsch J, Kirchhoff F, Déglon N, Giros B, Edwards RH, Mothet JP, Bezzi P.

    Dysfunction of homeostatic control of dopamine by astrocytes in the developing prefrontal cortex leads to cognitive impairments.

    Mol Psychiatry

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  • 2018, January 8th

    Petrelli F, Bezzi P.

    mGlu5-mediated signalling in developing astrocyte and the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders.

    Curr Opin Neurobiol

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  • 2017, March 1st

    Buscemi L, Ginet V, Lopatar J, Montana V, Pucci L, Spagnuolo P, Zehnder T, Grubišić V, Truttman A, Sala C, Hirt L, Parpura V, Puyal J, Bezzi P.

    Homer1 Scaffold Proteins Govern Ca2+ Dynamics in Normal and Reactive Astrocytes.

    Cereb Cortex

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  • 2016, February 12th

    Petrelli F, Pucci L, Bezzi P.

    Astrocytes and Microglia and Their Potential Link with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Front Cell Neurosci

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