• 2015, April 23rd

    Minocha S., Valloton D., Yspilanti A.R., Fiumelli H., Allen E.A., Yanagawa Y., Marin O., Chedotal A., Hornung J.P., Lebrand C.

    Nkx2.1-derived astrocytes and neurons are indispensable for the anterior commissure formation: a role for Slit2

    Nat Commun

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  • 2011, November 14th

    Hornung J.P

    Raphe Nuclei

    The Human Nervous System

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  • 2006, December 1st

    Lebrand C., Gaspar P., Nicolas D., Hornung J.P.

    Transitory serotonin uptake in sensory pathways of the embryonic marmoset monkey

    J Comp Neurol

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  • 1992, June 22nd

    Hornung J.P., Celio M.R.

    The selective innervation by serotoninergic axons of calbindin-containing interneurons in the neocortex and hippocampus of the marmoset

    J Comp Neurol

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