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How to display the mailbox of someone else in Outlook


Name Version
System Windows/Mac
Application Outlook 365 license


How to display the mailbox of someone who allowed you to manage his mail.



  1. Open Outlook and go to your e-mails.
  2. Right-click on your account and click on Permissions.
  3. Go to the General tab and click on Advanced options.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Add. Insert the e-mail address of the person who allowed you to manage the mailbox and click on OK.
  5. The new mailbox will be displayed on the left windows.


  1. On Outlook and go to Preferences….
  2. Click on Account.
  3. On your account, click on Advanced settings….
  4. Click on Delegates, then click on Other User's Folder., click on +.
  5. In the new windows, search for the mailbox of the person who delegated their email to you and select it.
  6. This box will appear in the list of additional mailboxes to which you have access; click OK.
  7. The person's account is now displayed in the email list on the left in your Outlook client.

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