The general topic of our research is to study the neuroinflammatory process triggerred by several neurotoxic or demyelinating insults and its involvement in the neurodegenerative process. The study is performed in vitro, using the aggregating rat brain cell cultures, a well characterized 3D culture system containing all types of brain cells.
In addition, according to the 3Rs principle for Refine, Reduce and Replace animal experimentation, and because of the increasing need of developing alternative strategies for human risk evaluation, we are developing a 3D free-floating culture system from human embryonic stem cells (hESC), that we will enrich with microglial cells, which play a critical role in the neuroinflammatory process.

Current projects :

Development-dependent inflammatory response triggered by the herbicide paraquat.

Modulation of the neuroinflammatory response triggered by the heavy metal trimethyl tin (TMT) in different metabolic conditions.

Development of a 3D free-floating culture system from hESC.

Research project in close collaboration with Dr. Marie-Gabrielle Zurich and with the Swiss Center for Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT).

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