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The Neuro-Behavioral Analysis Unit (Neuro-BAU) at the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (DNF) (Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne, Switzerland) is a platform dedicated to the study of behaviour and its neural correlates.


To support DNF scientists in the integration of brain and behavior data with a combination of behavioral studies, imaging approaches in freely moving rodents, expert training/supervision in experiment design, and data analysis.


Brain and behavior data seamlessly integrated to further our knowledge of brain mechanisms and brain pathologies.

Why Behavior?

The integration of behavioral studies within molecular/cellular approaches is a necessity of modern neuroscience. This combined, multi-level approach broadens the perspective on the model organisms by investigating the neural underpinnings of behavior and unraveling the evolutionary pressure that shapes brain functions. Thanks to this approach, researchers discover strong connections between animal models and symptoms of human pathologies, therefore easing the transition from basic research to translational research.


Experiment Design

Support in the design of behavioral and in-vivo imaging experiments.

Data Analysis

We teach students, post-docs and staff scientists how to analyze behavioral data.

Meta-data Collection

In-house database of protocols and metadata of rodent behavioral experiments.

Video Processing

Support in the acquisition and post-processing of video: image improvement, subject/background separation…

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