• 2016, March 9th

    Gattlen C, Clarke CB, Piller N, Kirschmann G, Pertin M, Decosterd I, Gosselin RD, Suter MR.

    Spinal Cord T-Cell Infiltration in the Rat Spared Nerve Injury Model: A Time Course Study.

    Int J Mol Sci

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  • 2015, November 5th

    Laedermann CJ, Abriel H, Decosterd I.

    Post-translational modifications of voltage-gated sodium channels in chronic pain syndromes.

    Front Pharmacol

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  • 2015, July 1st

    Curto-Reyes V, Kirschmann G, Pertin M, Drexler SK, Decosterd I, Suter MR.

    Neuropathic Pain Phenotype Does Not Involve the NLRP3 Inflammasome and Its End Product Interleukin-1β in the Mice Spared Nerve Injury Model.

    PLoS One

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  • 2015, February 1st

    Suter MR, Bhuiyan ZA, Laedermann CJ, Kuntzer T, Schaller M, Stauffacher MW, Roulet E, Abriel H, Decosterd I, Wider C.

    p.L1612P, a novel voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.7 mutation inducing a cold sensitive paroxysmal extreme pain disorder.


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  • 2013, June 1st

    Laedermann CJ, Cachemaille M, Kirschmann G, Pertin M, Gosselin RD, Chang I, Albesa M, Towne C, Schneider BL, Kellenberger S, Abriel H, Decosterd I.

    Dysregulation of voltage-gated sodium channels by ubiquitin ligase NEDD4-2 in neuropathic pain.

    J Clin Invest

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