Marc R. Suter
Médecin adjoint, MER & Privat docent

Marc R. Suter, MD, manages the Pain Center of the CHUV (anesthesiology Department). He is an anesthesiologist, a pain clinician and a neuroscientist. His interests in fundamental science are on the mechanisms leading to intractable chronic neuropathic pain with a special focus on peripheral and central neuroinflammation as well as abnormal neuronal excitability. He is also leading or involved in clinical research related to phenotyping and genotyping patients suffering form chronic pain.

Marc R. Suter
Research group of Marc R. Suter

Pain Center, CHUV & DNF, Faculty of Biology and Medicine University of Lausanne (UNIL), rue du Bugnon 9 CH - 1005 Lausanne
T : +41 (00) 79 556 34 79

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