• 2020, September 9th

    Nuno-Perez A, Mameli M.

    In DA Club of Reinforcement: Glutamate, It's Your Birthday.


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  • 2020, June 9th

    Lecca S, Namboodiri VMK, Restivo L, Gervasi N, Pillolla G, Stuber GD, Mameli M.

    Heterogeneous Habenular Neuronal Ensembles during Selection of Defensive Behaviors.

    Cell Reports

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  • 2019, July 1st

    Valentinova K, Tchenio A, Trusel M, Clerke JA, Lalive AL, Tzanoulinou S, Matera A, Moutkine I, Maroteaux L, Paolicelli RC, Volterra A, Bellone C, Mameli M.

    Morphine withdrawal recruits lateral habenula cytokine signaling to reduce synaptic excitation and sociability.

    Nature Neuroscience

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  • 2019, February 19th

    Trusel M, Nuno-Perez A, Lecca S, Harada H, Lalive AL, Congiu M, Takemoto K, Takahashi T, Ferraguti F, Mameli M.

    Punishment-Predictive Cues Guide Avoidance through Potentiation of Hypothalamus-to-Habenula Synapses.


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  • 2016, August 30th

    Valentinova K, Mameli M.

    mGluR-LTD at Excitatory and Inhibitory Synapses in the Lateral Habenula Tunes Neuronal Output.

    Cell Rep

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