• 2020, February 18th

    Truttmann A.C., Ginet V. and Puyal J.

    Current evidence on cell death in preterm brain injury in human and preclinical models.

    Frontiers Cell and Developmental Biology. Review

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  • 2020, January 16th

    Fernández A.F., Liu Y., Ginet V., Shi M., Nah J., Zou Z., Zhou A., Posner B.A., Xiao G., Tunguy M., Paradis V., Sadoshima J., Rautou P.E, Puyal J., Hu M.C. and Levine B.

    Interaction between the autophagy protein Beclin 1 and Na+,K+-ATPase during starvation, exercise and ischemia.

    JCI insight

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  • 2018, August 28th

    Descloux C., Ginet V., Rummel C., Truttmann A.C., Puyal J.

    Enhanced autophagy contributes to excitotoxic lesions in a rat model of preterm brain injury.

    Cell Death & Disease

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  • 2016, February 1st

    Xie C., Ginet V., Sun Y., Koike M., Zhou K., Li H., Li Q., Wang X., Uchiyama Y., Truttmann A.C., Kroemer G., Puyal J.*, Blomgren K.* and Zhu C*.

    Neuroprotection by selective neuronal deletion of autophagy-related gene 7 in neonatal brain injury.


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  • 2014, November 1st

    Ginet V., Pittet M.P., Osterheld M.C., Meuli R., Clarke P.G., Puyal J. and Truttmann A.C

    Dying neurons in thalamus of preterm newborns and rats are autophagic.

    Annals of Neurology

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