• 2014, September 23rd

    Demircioglu F.E., Burkhardt P., Fasshauer, D.

    The SM protein Sly1 accelerates assembly of the ER–Golgi SNARE complex.


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  • 2014, July 21st

    Smith C.L., Varoqueaux F., Kittelmann M., Azzam R.N., Cooper B., Winters C.A., Eitel M., Fasshauer D., Reese T.S.

    Novel cell types, neurosecretory cells, and body plan of the early-diverging metazoan Trichoplax adhaerens.

    Curr Biol

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  • 2008, April 9th

    Burkhardt, P., Hattendorf, D. A., Weis, W. I., Fasshauer, D.

    Munc18a controls SNARE assembly through its interaction with the syntaxin N-peptide

    EMBO J

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  • 2007, September 18th

    Kloepper, T.H., Kienle, C.N., and Fasshauer, D.

    An elaborate classification of SNARE proteins sheds light on the conservation of the eukaryotic endomembrane system

    Mol. Biol. Cell

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  • 2006, August 4th

    Pobbati, A., Stein, A., and Fasshauer, D.

    N- to C-terminal SNARE complex assembly promotes rapid membrane fusion


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