• 2019, May 10th

    Telley L, Agirman G, Prados J, Amberg N, Fièvre S, Oberst P, Bartolini G, Vitali I, Cadilhac C, Hippenmeyer S, Nguyen L, Dayer A, Jabaudon D.

    Temporal patterning of apical progenitors and their daughter neurons in the developing neocortex.


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  • 2016, October 6th

    Frangeul L*, Pouchelon G*, Telley L*, Lefort S, Lüscher C, Jabaudon D.

    A cross-modal genetic framework for the organization and plasticity of sensory pathways


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  • 2016, September 21st

    Telley L*, Cadilhac C*, Cioni JM, Saywell V, Huettl R, Sarrailh-Faivre C, Dayer A, Huber A, Ango F.

    Dual Function of NRP1 in Axon Guidance and Subcellular Target Recognition in Cerebellum


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  • 2016, March 25th

    Telley L*, Govindan S*, Prados J, Stevant I, Nef S, Dermitzakis E, Dayer A, Jabaudon D.

    Sequential transcriptional waves direct the differentiation of newborn neurons in the mouse neocortex.


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  • 2013, May 20th

    Cioni JM, Telley L, Saywell V, Cadilhac C, Jourdan C, Huber AB, Huang J, Jahannault-Talignani C, Ango F.

    SEMA3A Signaling Controls Layer-Specific Interneuron Branching in the Cerebellum

    Current Biology

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