• 2019, June 5th

    de Castro Abrantes H, Briquet M, Schmuziger C, Restivo L, Puyal J, Rosenberg N, Rocher AB, Offermanns S, Chatton JY.

    The Lactate Receptor HCAR1 Modulates Neuronal Network Activity through the Activation of Gα and Gβγ Subunits.

    J Neurosci

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  • 2017, March 25th

    Rimmele TS, Rocher AB, Wellbourne-Wood J, Chatton JY.

    Control of Glutamate Transport by Extracellular Potassium: Basis for a Negative Feedback on Synaptic Transmission.

    Cereb Cortex

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  • 2017, January 4th

    Wellbourne-Wood J, Rimmele TS, Chatton JY

    Imaging extracellular potassium dynamics in brain tissue using a potassium-sensitive nanosensor


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  • 2014, March 4th

    Lamy CM, Sanno H, Labouèbe G, Picard A, Magnan C, Chatton JY*, Thorens B*

    Hypoglycemia-activated GLUT2 neurons of the nucleus tractus solitarius stimulate vagal activity and glucagon secretion

    Cell Metab

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  • 2013, August 12th

    Bozzo L, Puyal J, Chatton JY

    Lactate modulates the activity of primary cortical neurons through a receptor-mediated pathway

    PLoS One

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  • 2011, March 9th

    Azarias G, Perreten H, Lengacher S, Poburko D, Demaurex N, Magistretti PJ, Chatton JY

    Glutamate transport decreases mitochondrial pH and modulates oxidative metabolism in astrocytes

    J Neurosci

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