• 2022, December 20th

    Nadia Rosenberg, Maria Reva, Francesca Binda, Leonardo Restivo, Pauline Depierre, Julien Puyal, Marc Briquet, Yann Bernardinelli, Anne-Bérengère Rocher, Henry Markram, Jean-Yves Chatton

    Overexpression of UCP4 in astrocytic mitochondria prevents multilevel dysfunctions in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease


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  • 2022, March 3rd

    Briquet M, Rocher AB, Alessandri M, Rosenberg N, de Castro Abrantes H, Wellbourne-Wood J, Schmuziger C, Ginet V, Puyal J, Pralong E, Daniel RT, Offermanns S, Chatton JY.

    Activation of lactate receptor HCAR1 down-modulates neuronal activity in rodent and human brain tissue

    J Cereb Blood Flow Metab

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  • 2022, February 25th

    Wellbourne-Wood J, Briquet M, Alessandri M, Binda F, Touya M, Chatton JY.

    Evaluation of Hydroxycarboxylic Acid Receptor 1 (HCAR1) as a Building Block for Genetically Encoded Extracellular Lactate Biosensors


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  • 2019, June 5th

    de Castro Abrantes H, Briquet M, Schmuziger C, Restivo L, Puyal J, Rosenberg N, Rocher AB, Offermanns S, Chatton JY.

    The Lactate Receptor HCAR1 Modulates Neuronal Network Activity through the Activation of Gα and Gβγ Subunits.

    J Neurosci

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  • 2017, March 25th

    Rimmele TS, Rocher AB, Wellbourne-Wood J, Chatton JY.

    Control of Glutamate Transport by Extracellular Potassium: Basis for a Negative Feedback on Synaptic Transmission.

    Cereb Cortex

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