Simone Crivelli
Post-doctoral fellow

Simone M. Crivelli received his bachelor in pharmacy from the University of Turin in Italy. As an undergraduate student, he studied the biosynthesis of complex lipids in yeast. In 2014, he started his PhD in neuroscience at Maastricht University, on the role of lipids in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In collaboration with Novartis and laboratories located in the Netherlands (Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and Amsterdam UMC), Germany (University of Bonn) and Slovakia (Slovak University of Technology) he repurposed a lipid mimetic drug for the treatment of AD. After graduating he moved to the University of Kentucky to continue his scientific interest in understanding neurodegeneration and the potential of lipids as therapeutic modalities. In the US he was awarded with grants in the Alzheimer’s research field to study the role of bioactive lipids and extracellular vesicles in the crosstalk between astrocytes and neurons during AD process. To complete his postdoc training, he recently joined the group of Prof Chatton to explore the metabolic crosstalk between astrocytes and neurons in AD.

Simone Crivelli
Research group of Jean-Yves Chatton

DNF, rue du Bugnon 9 - 1005 Lausanne – Switzerland
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