• 2019, February 1st

    Santello M, Toni N, Volterra A.

    Astrocyte function from information processing to cognition and cognitive impairment

    Nat. Neurosci.

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  • 2017, May 19th

    Bindocci, E., Savtchouk I., Liaudet N., Becker D., Carriero G., Volterra A.

    Three-dimensional Ca2+ imaging advances understanding of astrocyte biology.


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  • 2015, December 17th

    Habbas S, Santello M, Becker D, Stubbe H, Zappia G, Liaudet N, Klaus FR, Kollias G, Fontana A, Pryce CR, Suter T, & Volterra A.

    Neuroinflammatory TNFα Impairs Memory via Astrocyte Signaling.


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  • 2014, May 1st

    Volterra A, Liaudet N, Savtchouk I.

    Astrocyte Ca²⁺ signalling: an unexpected complexity.

    Nat Rev Neurosci

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  • 2011, September 11th

    Di Castro MA, Chuquet J, Liaudet N, Bhaukaurally K, Santello M, Bouvier D, Tiret P, & Volterra A.

    Local Ca2+ detection and modulation of synaptic release by astrocytes.

    Nat Neurosci

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