David Litvin
Post-doctoral student

David received his PhD in Systems Physiology in 2018 from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (United States). During his doctoral work he investigated the impact of lung injury on brainstem autonomic circuits, and focused on neuroimmune mechanisms that alter the efficacy of viscerosensory synaptic transmission to the CNS. Following his PhD, he pursued a short postdoctoral training fellowship at the Neuroscience Institute of Alicante (CSIC, Spain), where his work focused on the molecular mechanisms governing synaptic vesicle release. David joined the Volterra group in 2020 to pursue training and research focused on 3D two-photon imaging of calcium dynamics in astrocytes.

David Litvin
Research group of Andrea Volterra

DNF, rue du Bugnon 9 - 1005 Lausanne – Switzerland
T : +41 (0)21 692 51 35

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