Carlos Vivar Rios
PhD student

Carlos will join the Volterra lab in October 2018 as PhD student (co-supervised by Maurizio De Pittà). He studied a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Master in Cognitive Sciences at University of Málaga (UMA). During those years he worked mostly in bioinformatics, specifically in miRNA expression analysis, natural language processing and drug-reprofilling for Alzheimer disease. For an internship in the lab of PhD. H. Berry, he implemented an stochastic calcium dynamics model in a 3D real astrocyte mesh in order to elucidate the impact of morphology in calcium signaling. Finally, in the last year, he coordinated an university program to promote transdisciplinary reproducible research in bachelor’s and master students. In Volterra lab he will perform data analysis and modelling of Astrocyte associated calcium activity.

Carlos Vivar Rios
Research Group of Andrea Volterra

DNF, rue du Bugnon 9 - 1005 Lausanne – Switzerland
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