2021, April 26th - by E. Bernardi

Postdoctoral position. SENSORY DISFUNCTIONS in Autism Spectrum Disorders

The laboratory of Prof. Claudia Bagni, at the Department of Fundamental Neurosciences, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, seeks an exceptional postdoctoral fellow in the field of molecular and behavioral neuroscience.

The Department of Fundamental Neurosciences (DNF) ( hosts scientists working in the field of fundamental and translational neuroscience offering access to cutting-edge technologies. The postdoctoral fellow will benefit from an international, inclusive and dynamic department with an outstanding research environment

The Bagni lab ( conducts cutting edge research in neuroscience with broad relevance to brain function/s and dysfunction/s in the context of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and fragile X syndrome (FXS). We use state-of-the-art molecular, cellular and imaging techniques in diverse model systems – from flies to humans, placing our group in a unique position to tackle mechanisms of behavioural and molecular brain (dys)functions.
The postdoctoral fellow will study sensory dysfunctions in ASDs in the context of a recently funded project under the umbrella of the NEURON JTC 2020 « Sensory Disorders ». The successful candidate will investigate the contribution of 3 ASD risk genes to sensory processing. He/she will use fly and mouse models to address how the different senses shape ASD-like behaviors and to identify the molecular signature of two sensory functions.

We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic scientist. The applicant must have a Ph.D. in neuroscience or in cellular and molecular biology. Scientists with experience in mRNA metabolism, brain development and/or brain organoids, electrophysiology and/or mouse behavior are highly encouraged to apply. Passion for science, creativity, good communication skills and ability to be a team player are mandatory.

Expected starting date:           to be agreed

Contract length:                         1 year, renewable for 2 years

If you think your profile matches these expectations, please send by June 1st 2021 your application documents


Postdoctoral position. SENSORY DISFUNCTIONS in Autism Spectrum Disorders